Parent's Guide to Snapchat

This guide is meant to help parents and caregivers understand how Snapchat works, the key protections we offer for teens, how to use our parental controls, and to answer common questions.

Snapchat Safety Resources for Parents

Welcome! We know that as parents and caregivers, you may be wondering...

“Should I let my teen use Snapchat? Does Snapchat have safeguards in place for teens?”

Snapchat is a communications service that most people use to talk to their real-life friends and family, similar to text messaging or phone calls. We’ve made it a point to build things differently from the beginning, with a focus on helping Snapchatters communicate with their close friends in an environment that prioritizes their safety and privacy.

Snapchat Teen Safety, Explained

We launched a YouTube series to help parents understand the basics of Snapchat and the protections we have in place to help make Snapchat safe for teens. Learn more about the specific safety protections we offer for teens here.

Additional Resources for Parents