Tools and Resources for Parents

We take our responsibility to help protect teens on Snapchat extremely seriously. As part of this, we want to arm parents with tools and resources to help their teens use Snapchat safely. Here you can learn more about how to use Snapchat's parental controls, download a checklist of key safety tips to discuss with your teens, and access expert resources.

Snapchat Parental Controls

Snapchat's Family Centre is our set of parental controls that help you see who your teens are communicating with on Snapchat and set Content Controls - which can help prompt important conversations about safety. Family Centre reflects the dynamics of real-world relationships between parents and teens, where parents have insight into who their teens are spending time with, while still respecting teens' privacy. On Family Centre, parents can also easily and confidentially report any concerns directly to our Trust and Safety team, who work around the clock to help keep Snapchatters safe.

Getting Started on Family Centre

To use Family Centre, parents must have a Snapchat account. Here are instructions on how to download the app and set up Family Centre:

Watch this tutorial or read through the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Start by downloading Snapchat from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to your mobile phone.

Have more questions about Family Centre? Visit our Support Site.

Safety Checklist

for Parents

To help support conversations about how to use Snapchat safely, here's a checklist of important tips for your teen:

Only Connect with Family and Friends

Only invite and accept friend invitations from people they know in real life.

Carefully Pick a Username

Choose a username that doesn't include their age, birthdate, personal information or suggestive language. Your teen's username should never include personal information like age or birthdate.

Sign Up with a Real Age

Having an accurate birthdate is the only way your teen can benefit from our age-appropriate safety protections.

Double-Check Location-Sharing

Location-sharing on our Map is off by default for everyone. If your teen is going to turn it on, it should only be used with their trusted friends and family.

Talk to a Trusted Adult

When it comes to safety and well-being, there are no wrong questions or conversations. Tell your teen to speak to a trusted adult if they have a concern.

Use In-App Reporting

Your teen should know that reports are confidential - and go directly to our 24/7 Trust & Safety team for review.

Think Before Sending

As with sharing anything online, it's important to be really careful about requesting or sending anyone - even a partner or close friend - private or sensitive images and information.

Join Snapchat's Family Centre

Make sure you and your teen are signed up for our parental controls, Snapchat's Family Centre, where you can see which friends your teens are talking to and set Content Controls.

Helpful to know! To print out a downloadable version of this checklist, click here.

For additional information, see Safety Resources from our Partners and Experts.